Bug & Pickle Belly Firm

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Your new little one is your bundle of joy, but your postnatal tummy is a bundle of jelly. Bug & Pickle’s Belly Firm harnesses the power of essential oils and vitamins to tighten up stretched skin and reduce the appearance of any stretch marks or c-section scars. Why We Love It: Heavy duty vitamins C and E help repair skin Active ingredients include essential oils of Jasmine, Grapefruit, Mandarin and Patchouli which have historically been used to firm skin and treat scarring The essential oils were also specifically chosen for their uplifting properties to help lift mum’s spirits It’s a great excuse to sneak away for a few minutes of you-time in the bathroom How to Use: Slather it on your tummy, boobs and bottom (wherever needs a little help) morning and night. Please note: This product is meant for postnatal use only. Contains: 96% natural ingredients No synthetic fragrance or colour Not tested on animals
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