Munchbox Mini 4 Munchbox

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A stunning patel outer-box with contrasting latch. Perfect for a chilly winter's day with plently of room for a larger meal and tasty snacks to go! The Midi5 Pastel Collection comprises of the six compartment outerbox and the five compartment removable tray with stunning pastel artwork! Features: - Holds 5 cups of food - Environmentally friendly, BPA & Phthalate-free - Child friendly single latch - Sturdy removable Tritan tray - Leak proof sealed compartments - Portion controlled for balanced nutrition - Encourages healthy eating - Dishwasher safe (Top shelf) - 1 x 2 1/4 cup serving - ideal for sandwiches, wraps, salads, sushi or pasta etc - 3 x 1 cup serving - side dishes and healthy snack items such as fruit, vegetables and yogurt - 1 x small serving - suitable for dips, smaller snacks or special treats
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