Babiators "The Pixie" Pink Transparent Keyhole Sunglasses w/RoseGold Polarized Lens

Article number: ADGBLU-039-Pink Transparent / Rose Gold-6yrs+
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ALL NEW Screen Saver glasses from Babiators will help you protect your children’s eyes from overexposure to digital screens. We took the Babiators navigator style that kids and parents love and added blue light blocking lenses to create Babiators Screen Savers to make screen time safer for your family. These glasses block 55% of Blue Light through Category 1 lenses to decrease blue light exposure. POLARIZED - Help reduce harsh glare and improve your child's visibility in the sun. ACCESSORIZED - Come's with a slim felt case to keep those shades looking shiny and new. (Size 0-2Y free silicon strap to keep glasses in place). DURABLE - Made of strong materials GUARANTEE - Lost or broken? They replace it for FREE! AWESOME - Stylish sunglasses that kids LOVE!
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