Pocket Bios: Pablo Picaso By Al Berenger

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A colorfully illustrated, pocket-size picture book biography of famed artist Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso was co-founder of the Cubist movement, and an inventor of art forms such as constructed sculpture and collage. An extremely prolific and multi-faceted artist, he produced a wide variety of extraordinary artworks throughout his long lifetime, including the Guernica and The Young Ladies of Avignon oil paintings. His creative, revolutionary style continues to mesmerize the world to this day, and he is one of the most influential and universally renowned artists of the 20th century. About the Pocket Bios series: Pocket Bios are full of personality, introducing readers to fascinating figures from history with simple storytelling and cheerful illustrations. Titles include men and women from history, exploration, the sciences, the arts, the ancient world, and more.
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